Mae g’ovannen!

My name is Reluvethel.  This year, I reached the two hundredth anniversary of my existence in this world.  By tradition, having explored the outer world for a hundred years, I must now choose a field of study, that I may add to the vast storehouses of elfin knowledge some tiny amount by my efforts.  As is traditional, I spent the end of my second century searching the archives of the Temple of Air for suggestions.  I saw no evidence that the various races, except for the endlessly interesting fire race (meaning, of course, the humans) had been studied at all.  Therefore, I shall devote the my next hundred years to cultural research.

Below, you will find a listing of the races I will study.  Links will be found which will lead you to the archive in question.  If some other race is discovered, I will certainly add that race to this list and give as much information as I can divine.  If you find that a race has been left unexplored, please accept my invitation to leave such suggestions in the comments.

  • The Race of Earth -The Khazad (or dwarves)
  • The Race of Fire -The Humans (a single group, I promise) – ARCHIVE EMPTY
  • The Race of Water – The Alhara (or selkies) – ARCHIVE EMPTY
  • The Race of Air-The Quenya (or elves) – ARCHIVE EMPTY

La fael!


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